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Terkunan r vs. l

From:Henrik Theiling <ht@...>
Date:Friday, October 12, 2007, 19:44

Because I like some of the r-l changes I found in Sicilian/Calabrese,
e.g. _vurcanu_ 'volcano', I wanted to implement some r-l changes in
Terkunan, too.

Terkunan currently shifts l > r after stops and also before stops
(with some constraints I'd like to neglect now when more r/l are found
in the word).

But I think I am not satisfied with this, because I think ld > rd
might be unlikely because I find it more easy to pronounce -ld- than
-rd-.  I don't know of examples in Romance languages either.
Currently, Terkunan has:

   calidu(m)   > karde     'warm'

Because of my doubts, I thought I might shift l > r before voiceless
stops and r > l before voiced stops.  This would yield:

   calidu(m)   > kalde     'warm'
   volca:nu(m) > vurkan    'volcano'
   gardi:nu(m) > galdin    'garden'

Now, 'galdin' seems strange, because I don't know of any Romance
natlang that has -ld- there.  But then, most seem to have borrowed
that from French, otherwise /g/- would be expected instead of the
palatalised variant (only Romanian has 'gradina' (a = a brevis =

Would you think -rd- > -ld- is feasible together with -lt- > -rt-
etc.?  I could also restrict l > r to voiceless stops and leave
-ld-/-rd- as is.  Do you think _galdin_ is a good word for 'garden'?