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Géarthnuns Pronunication Guide (was: Re: Translating "Imagine" (< Code-switching in music))

From:Douglas Koller <laokou@...>
Date:Friday, October 12, 2007, 1:05
From: Benct Philip Jonsson <conlang@...>

> On 2007-10-11 Douglas Koller wrote:
> > zçakfaçens
> Doh! I guess this is *not* [Zakfa'SEns].
Close: [z\akfa's\~Es]
> Why am I inclined towards final stress, BTW?
It works here.
> Do you have a pronunciation guide somewhere?
No. I did this all once in Kirshenbaum, and then everyone went all XSAMPA on my ass. Here it is to the best of my ability (where there are two options, the first seems closer to my ear but let's just say the second is an allophone to cover my tukhus). One hopes the transcription down-markers will *not* be moved again. Basic letters: a [a] ai [aI] u [u] ü [y],[Y] i [I] í [i] ö [2],[9] o [o] e [E] é [e] au [O],[Q] ou [aU] öi [2I],[9I] oi [oI],[OI] b [b] d [d] g [g] z [z] dh [D] j [dZ] v [v] p [p] t [t] k [k] s [s] th [T] sh [S] w [w] zç [z\],[j\]; kw [kw] (same letter has two distinct values) (syllable initial, to date) kf [kf] (only syllable initial) f [f] zh [Z] ç [s\],[C] (only one syllable final example I can think of) ng [N] m [m] n [n] l [l] r [4] rh [X]? (Dutch "gr" seems to come close if that's what this is) [hR]? (only syllable initial) kh [x] (only syllable final) (dabbled with this having a syllable initial value of [L], never implemented) ch [tS] h [h] Noun marker letters, called "föths", offer no new phonetic information but are included here so that one gets a sense of the 49-letter alphabet (these letters occur only at the ends of nouns; if these combinations occur elsewhere, they are written by separate letter listed above): bs [bs], rs [4s] ts [ts] ns [ns]* ks [ks] ls [ls] ths [Ts] khs [xs] ms [ms] dhs [Ds] ps [ps] ds [ds] fs [fs] gs [gs] *A certain class of nouns invoke nasalization (SAMPA site says mark nasalization *before* the vowel, which, though a little counter-intuitive to *me*, is the convention I'm employing here), so: ans [~as] ains [~aIs] uns [~us] üns [~ys],[~Ys] ins [~Is] íns [~is] öns [~2s],[~9s] ons [~os] ens [~Es] éns [~es] auns [~Os],[~Qs] ouns [~aUs] öins [~2Is],[~9Is] oins [~oIs],[~OIs] Hope this address your questions, Benct, Kou


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