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Kosher fried plantain & rice dish (wasRe: Racial Classification ...& blahblah, etc)

From:J Y S Czhang <czhang23@...>
Date:Friday, January 2, 2004, 18:02
In a message dated 2004:01:02 01:42:43 PM, Steg writes:

>You wouldn't happen to know (or be able to get) the recipe for that >"Kosher fried plantain & rice dish", would you? ;-)
Oy Vay!, like I haven't _like_ tried! I and a few other peeps have been tryin' for freakin'_years_. The recipe in his head, CheChe tho' keeps prep notes wrapped in a condom in his wader boots (he seems to only wear wader boots, greasy jeans, grimey wifebeater tank tops with Hawai'ian shirts over them all'a time... he literally looks like a modernized, up-dated, scary variation on the Tom Waits "Crazy Chinese-Cuban" character! hmmm, Tom Waits _does_ call the Bay Area "home" ...) back to CheChe: ...and in his waders he keeps both his Chinese cleaver set and a "chopped'n'channeled" chrome-plated .38 Colt "Bodyguard" revolver - a present from a local Italian Cop-Thug-Power-That-Be who had gone "abso-freakin'-lutely-fuckin'-loco, Neew Yerk Style" in the middle of 23rd and Mission when he heard that the prep notes and the Chef himself coulda been lost forever in an attempted gangbanger robbery. Chinese and Latinos and Italians and Gypsies... we all get a lil wack-ass fanatical about hella lot'a good odd foods... be interesting to see data - actual detailed "hard science" sociological data on numbers of assaults and homicides arising from _culinary conflicts_... and correlations with ethnic backgrounds, economic status, gender, age, level of education, language use (bilingual or monolingual), past criminal acts or violence, etc. --- º°`°º ø,¸¸,ø º ° ° º ø ¸ , ø º º ø ø º Hanuman Zhang, _Gomi no sensei_ [Master of junk] "To live is to scrounge, taking what you can in order to survive. So, since living is scrounging, the result of our efforts is to amass a pile of rubbish." - Chuang Tzu/Zhuangzi, China, 4th Century BCE "The most beautiful order is a heap of sweepings piled up at random." - Heraclitus, Greece, 5th Century BCE "...So what is life for? Life is for beauty and substance and sound and colour; and even those are often forbidden by law [socio-cultural conventions]. . . . Why not be free and live your own life? Why follow other people's rules and live to please others?..." ~Lieh-Tzu/Liezi, Taoist Sage (c. 450- c. 375 BCE) "Taoism in a nutshell: Shit Happens. Roll with the Punches. Hang 10 - Go with the Flow!" - anonymous California surfer/Beatnik,circa late 1950's/early 1960's Ars imitatur Naturam in sua operatione. [Latin > "Art is the imitation of Nature in her manner of operation."] "...There is life feeding on this dead heap. ... life will complete its cycle, teeming within this lump of death." - Bela Bartok "jinsei to iu mono wa, kichou na geijyutsu to ieru deshou" [Japanese > "one can probably say that 'life' is a precious artform"] "Art is an antidote for violence. It gives the ecstasy, the self-transcendence that could otherwise take the form of drug addiction, terrorism, suicide, or warfare." - Rollo May "There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats." - Albert Schweitzer Please: Cats are not disposable. Adopt and love your cat for life... "Life'n'art, art'n'life. There is _no_ separation. Each is a manifestation of every aspect of the other. This is a difficult game... A difficult game to play. It seems, to me, like the only game that needs playing at the moment." - Warren Burt