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Flower Poem

From:Caleb Hines <cph9fa@...>
Date:Friday, January 2, 2004, 15:47
> Like a flower > Born again > Each morning > Between the sky > And the sea > Oh my country!
In Akathanu, which is agglutinating, and is not meant to be very poetic: aguvapado gani uanshima mutdasho pokohutim bohoda busahua Accent falls on the penultimate except in 'gani', where its on the ultimate. Intervocalic 'h' is a silent, and marks syllable boundaries. 'ua' is pronounced monosyllabically: /wA/. All vowels are long. Forgive me for explaining this in great detail below, but this is more or less my first real translation of anything in Akathanu, and I'm a bit excited about trying to get everything just right. :) aguvapado = a+guva+pado = 'Prop. Noun marker' + 'home, dwellingplace' + 'land' = The Homeland. gani = ga+ni = 'of, belonging to' + 'me' = my, mine. aguvapado gani = 'my Homeland.' uanshima = uan + shima = 'like X' + 'flower' = flower-like mutdasho = mut + dasho = 'again, re-' + 'born' = reborn pokohutim = po + ko + utim = 'in, during' + 'each, every' + 'morning' bohoda = ba + oda = 'under' + 'sky' busahua = bu + sahua = 'above' + 'water' So, back into English, we have My Homeland flowerlike reborn in every morning under the sky above the water. I had two invent 3 new roots and 2 prefixes for this translation (mut-, uan-, utim, dasho, and shima). Thanks, ~Caleb