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R: onomatopoetic animal sounds

From:Mangiat <mangiat@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 28, 2001, 21:29
Hi, Daniel!

Italian is particularly rich in 'animalistic' terminology: there's a verb
describing almost every sound each animal can produce!

dog: Il cane abbaia (abbaiare):
BAU-BAU /bawbaw/

cat: Il gatto miagola (miagolare):
MIAO-MIAO /mjaomjao/

horse: Il cavallo nitrisce (nitrire):
HIIII! /i.i.i.i.i.i.i/

mouse: Il topo squittisce (squittire):
(S)QUIT-(S)QUIT /kwitkwit/ or /skwitskwit/

duck: L'anatra starnazza (starnazzare):
QUA-QUA /kwakwa/

frog: La rana gracida (gracidare):
CRA-CRA /krakra/

cow: La mucca muggisce (muggire):
MUUU /mu:/

swallow: la rondine garrisce (garrire):
???? (really do not know how to write down the sound a swallow produces!).

bird: l'uccellino pigola (pigolare):
PIO-PIO /'pi.o'pi.o/

lion/tiger: il leone/la tigre ringhia (ringhiare):
GRRR! /gr=/

wolf: il lupo ulula (ululare)
UUUUU! /u::::::::::/

sheep: la pecora bela (belare)

pig: il maiale grugnisce (grugnire)

chicken: il gallo canta (cantare: lit. to sing)
CHICCHIRICHì /kikkiri'ki/

Well, that's not exhaustive, but I can't think anything better, now!

Happy work,


P.S.: shall you send me a copy of the homework, when you've finished it?
Thanks in advance!

> Hey all. > > In my linguistics course "The Languages of Europe", we've > got an assignment to do a typological study. Me and my class > mate decided to do a study on onomatopoetic animal sounds. > > So now we're looking for informants/consultants. I've asked > you guys before, and some of you could help me. I hope there > are some who can help me out again. Plus, it's fun! :) > > What we need is the sound that the animal makes and the > verb connected to the sound of the animal. For example: > > "The dog BARKS. It goes BOW-WOW." > > We have a lame theory that might explain why sometimes the > verb and the sound match and sometimes don't. > > So what we need is people who know what nine common farm > animals say in European languages. Examples of languages we > need are English, Basque, Georgian, Albanian, Italian, Czech, > Romanian, Polish, Russian, Welsh, Gaelic, etc. Well, you get > the idea. Any European language is of interest. Oh, we need > this info in Chinese too. It's for a class-internal joke. :) > > If you want to be a consultant, please reply to me personally > at: > > Thanks a million in advance. I'll post a summary of our results > if there is any interest. > > ObConlang: Feel free to make a translation exercise of this. :) > > Leajaidh seivza mis donn ullujei eilo. > May your sheep always be wooly. > > daniel > > -- > <> "Lea eica waenaidh mae bwochath waenë, <> > <> ja jordhëchaidh mae gothëje jordhëchë." <> > <> <> > <> <> >