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onomatopoetic animal sounds

From:daniel andreasson <daniel.andreasson@...>
Date:Tuesday, February 27, 2001, 12:09
Hey all.

In my linguistics course "The Languages of Europe", we've
got an assignment to do a typological study. Me and my class
mate decided to do a study on onomatopoetic animal sounds.

So now we're looking for informants/consultants. I've asked
you guys before, and some of you could help me. I hope there
are some who can help me out again. Plus, it's fun! :)

What we need is the sound that the animal makes and the
verb connected to the sound of the animal. For example:

"The dog BARKS. It goes BOW-WOW."

We have a lame theory that might explain why sometimes the
verb and the sound match and sometimes don't.

So what we need is people who know what nine common farm
animals say in European languages. Examples of languages we
need are English, Basque, Georgian, Albanian, Italian, Czech,
Romanian, Polish, Russian, Welsh, Gaelic, etc. Well, you get
the idea. Any European language is of interest. Oh, we need
this info in Chinese too. It's for a class-internal joke. :)

If you want to be a consultant, please reply to me personally

Thanks a million in advance. I'll post a summary of our results
if there is any interest.

ObConlang: Feel free to make a translation exercise of this. :)

Leajaidh seivza mis donn ullujei eilo.
May your sheep always be wooly.


<> "Lea eica waenaidh mae bwochath waenë,   <>
<>  ja jordhëchaidh mae gothëje jordhëchë." <>
<>        <>
<>        <>


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