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From:Brian Betty <bbetty@...>
Date:Friday, February 26, 1999, 17:19
On 2-26-99, BJP wrote: "IMHO the filmmakers owt to use modern sound editing
technology to make the Orcs' voices sound grizzly and hoarse, but
accentless apart from the stylistical register the bad guys always speak in

Oh, I think they should speak badly, some kind of crude form of English.
Not a dialect, but just not speak well. Tolkien made it clear that common
orcs and trolls couldn't speak any language well - must be a different
speech center than those of humans or elves, either incomplete (ie. trolls)
or different (trolls and orcs).

"BTW: I hope they aren't making the Orcs green!  Neither of course should
they be black the way Black people are.  IMNSHO ashen grey would probly be
most suitable -- those who know Latin know what I mean: ateri, non nigri.)
I'm not going to see the film in any case, i think (unless Andrew is
visible in it!:)"

Yah, I agree about not being black, but I always thought of them as a
greyish-pink, like a wild boar. I always thought of orcs as being hairy
like a swine, too - sorta like a hairy human in terms of coverage but with
gross, coarse black hairs like those of a boar or warthog instead of little
soft body hair. No 'beard,' though; just hair on the face like on their
arms and neck and chest and ... blech. Like a Baldwin.

And trolls should be grey, although a mossy green tinge might be nice. They
absolutely must be mountainous in size, though - like a gorilla in bulk,
barrel-chested naturally (like as a whelp, too).

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