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Re: R: fw: names of ants

From:LIJESH KRISHNAN <lijesh@...>
Date:Thursday, May 4, 2000, 22:28
> <<My mother tongue is Malayalam, a Dravidian language (like Tamil, Telugu > and Kannada). Its closest relative is Tamil. So here goes > > > urumbukalude peru aarum ormikkarilla (Malayalam) >> > > Desperately need references about Dravidian lngs. Do you know where I
> find 'em? > > Luca >
First time I've tried the net on Dravidian languages, but let's see. Britannica has some information . Try It's got information about Kerala and a program Translite in It's a transliterater. Unfortunately it's a demo but you should be able to make out something of the script. And look at and yahoo has a category for Tamil s/Specific_Languages/Tamil/ All in all not as much as you'd've wanted. Oh well, best of luck!