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The great Michael Everson (was: Reformed Latin-script writing...)

From:John Cowan <jcowan@...>
Date:Thursday, May 4, 2000, 18:01
"Daniel A. Wier" wrote:

> Then click the Proposed New Scripts link. It might be there.
Nope, but the proposal is at . The site, Michael Everson's, has a wealth of information on the encoding of obscure scripts and many other things. Wanna know why thorn is the 27th letter of the alphabet for multinational sorting purposes? What about the difference between yogh and ezh, formerly merged in Unicode but now properly separated? How about the magic spell in the film _Excalibur_? (It's Old Irish, probably the only OI on film anywhere.) And he writes Klingon poetry too.'ojtaH-nuqvaD.html -- Schlingt dreifach einen Kreis um dies! || John Cowan <jcowan@...> Schliesst euer Aug vor heiliger Schau, || Denn er genoss vom Honig-Tau, || Und trank die Milch vom Paradies. -- Coleridge (tr. Politzer)