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Re: Newest natlang?

From:Eldin Raigmore <eldin_raigmore@...>
Date:Monday, September 29, 2008, 22:18
If having its own army and navy turns a dialect into a language, then not only
are Canadian, American, Australian, and a few others languages (rather than
merely dialects of English); but also Southron is a language (not just a dialect
of American), and Texan is a language (not just a dialect of Southron).

If needing subtitles is indicative of a language -- a lack of mutual intelligibility -
- then clearly Northern Irish English or Ulster English is not the same language
as American English.  If ABC or NBC or CBS or Fox interviews an Ulster man
they have to put subtitles under his replies for the audience at home to
understand him.

None of those are necessarily the "newest" natlangs.  But they're newish;
probably about as old as Haitian.


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