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Re: Inversion for subjunctive (was "Get" passive)

From:Paul Kershaw <ptkershaw@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 25, 2009, 20:16
> From: And Rosta <and.rosta@...> > > I believe it was accepted in the UK longer than in the US, but it > > also appears that hardly anybody says it anymore anywhere.> > > You haven't to make such sweeping generalizations, Paul... Maybe the north of > Britain's couple of dozen million inhabitants count as "hardly anybody", but > we've getting on for 1500 years of history speaking English, have we not... > > --And. (writing in contemporary English)
I stand corrected, although I'll comment that I did change an earlier "nobody" to "hardly anybody." :) Ah well, if I say it's UK, people tell me it's not; if I say it's not UK, people tell me it is. For such a small island group, y'all do argue a lot. ;) -- Paul