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Dreams, Let there be light, etc...

From:Muke Tever <alrivera@...>
Date:Saturday, February 5, 2000, 7:23
> From: The Gray Wizard <dbell@...> > Subject: Conlang dreams revisited > > Influenced no doubt by the recent thread on conlang related dreams, I had > last night my first ever such dream, least a snippet of a dream
> least I think it was conlang related! > > I clearly recall that this dream snippet consisted of the single word > 'camrhi'. Not, however, spoken nor written nor read, but spelled 'C A M R
> I'.
Hehe.. this dream-conlang thread has inspired me to pay closer attention... shortly after finishing the latest book I got from the library, I fell asleep and was reading a book in a dream... very clearly I saw--outlined by dashes, like this--_papasi_ for 'pencil'. I woke up and wrote it down right away. It's not a valid Kaðuhanne word, though it looks to be like Spanish 'lapiz' (that's the impression I got). I'll just have to invent a new lang for it. ;p
> From: yl-ruil <yl-ruil@...> > Subject: TRANS: something slightly more deep (was: TRANS: flutes) > > Since I seem to have kicked off a couple of translation relay-thingys, = > here's another one. I'm not a Christian, but I thought a bit of the = > bible would be a bit deeper than "I learned Swedish in Uppsala" ;). > Here we have God's first commandment in (archaic) Aredos > > euecuet-cue Deivos: estu luctom. > he_says-aorist and God-nom: be-3p_imperative light-nom > And God said "Let there be light"
Hmmm... "kaddewutky sekðuhannatas: lehukcally jikhuwanna!" /"k{ d@ %w}ts k@ %sEk DU "h\{n @ ts{s %5E h\@k "S{ 5@ %Zik h\U "w{n @/ ka- déwut-ky sek- ðuhan-a- tas lehuk-ca- ly jik- huwan-a DEF.Deity.LNK 3sgM.Speak.VB.Past Light.ACC.LNK 3SgN.Be .VB.(imp) - The (?) God, he said, "Let there be light!" [I don't know if my x-sampa is anything like right. Ugh... Have I asked here, yet, if there was to be found a program that converted a given phonetic transcription to audio output?] Is there a name for a kind of word like 'ka' here? It's like a definite article, but not quite exactly like--it doesn't mark just 'old information', but more 'common information'--something that you could start out with out of the blue and still know what is meant. It's like the kind of 'the' as in 'the World Wide Web': there's only one, we all know what it is (basically). [This is the same ka- as appears in 'kaðuhhan', the name of the language.] 'huwanna' is a performative kind of 'to be' verb, for which 'let there be' is, AFAICT, the best translation... P.S. posts in HTML are murder in digest mode, where the mailer isn't smart enough to parse them :(
> From: Paul Bennett <paulnkathy@...> > Subject: Re: A perfect day for introducing myself > > > > Kim - in what language? > > > > Korean? > > Kim is a perfectly valid, if rare, UK male forename, AFAICT.
Seen it in US as well--was my stepfather's name.
> From: Barry Garcia <Barry_Garcia@...> > Subject: Re: TRANS: something slightly more deep (was: TRANS: flutes) > > >> And God said "Let there be light" > > The small problem here, is that culturally, if you used the general term > for god, the Saalangal would wonder "What god made the light?".I would > also bet that the Saalangal believe light, since it is a goddess, had to > have been born in order for there to be light. So, her mother would have > given birth, not commanded she come into existence.
Hmm... for the mennteras (native kaðuhhan con-speakers) the night and the sun are [like?] a god and goddess (they1 aren't of that religion [anymore?], but they2 are still revered in a way, and holidays are still kept.) that should probably go on conculture if I ever get time to figure it all out...
> From: John Cowan <cowan@...> > Subject: Re: CHAT: Lojban si (was RE: Pronouncing Tokana (was RE:
> > "si" cannot be directly deleted, though it can be effectively > deleted by "sa" (delete clause or sentence), "su" (delete discourse) > or "susu" (delete everything said by anyone).
"susu" sounds like a very dangerous word, if used in the wrong hands. -------- Other questions for the day: Are there any online resources that would help me learn to create a con-creole? (I thought I had more questions... must have forgotten them...) *Muke! -- "A lamp is not surprised by the presence of light." AIM: MukeTurtle FM: Muke ICQ: 1936556 Latest updates: 3 Feb 2000