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Re: OT: Ayuh (was: OT: English and front rounded vowels)

From:ROGER MILLS <rfmilly@...>
Date:Tuesday, December 11, 2007, 5:16
Kou wrote:
> >From: ROGER MILLS <rfmilly@...> > >...One of my school-mates was Marshall Dodge, who had a bit of a > > career as a comedian/monologist sending up his native Maine and its > > peculiarities :-))))))))))))) > >As in "Bert and I"? Dewd, I teethed on that stuff as a kid, and it was an >old 33.3 LP back then. How old are you?
Yes, the very same. I graduated high-school in 1952 at age 18; you figure it out :-))))) Marshall as best I recall would have been class of 53 or maybe 54. He was already a skilled mimic in those days. Ah, those treasured LPs, occupying about 6+ ft. of shelf space, and one of the reasons I won't move house again-- unless I actually get busy and transfer them to CD.