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Re: OT: Printing Help

From:Paul Schleitwiler, FCM <pjschleitwilerfcm@...>
Date:Monday, November 27, 2006, 17:55
 David Peterson wrote:
" ...  I'm printing out a book, and am having quite a bit of trouble
in getting it right.... I want the book to be printed on half pages,
so I've set it to landscape and have divided each page into two
columns....if you do that, the first thing that happens is the pages
don't fold correctly....The result is chaos. "

Here are a few resources
Microsoft Word(r) Book Templates
A Microsoft(r) Word book template for each of the following book
sizes: 4.25 x 6.875, 5 x 8, 6 x 9 and 8.5 x 11.
The Book Template Pack has been tested in Microsoft(r) Word 2000, 2002
and 2003 for the PC. It has not been tested and in other versions of
Microsoft(r) Word or on a Macintosh. The templates themselves should
work fine on a Macintosh, however the install program may not. If you
are on a Mac and would like to order the template pack without the
install program please contact us.
Book Template Pack
Download Version
Book Template Pack
CD Version
$12.00 + Shipping
Free PDF download sample.

The ebooks and print books for this site were created in Microsoft
Publisher 2000 and Microsoft Publisher 2002 but really any desktop
publishing program would work such as Print Shop, Print Master,
PageMaker, etc.  The templates for the books can be downloaded below.
The templates are meant to help you get started but can certainly be
modified as you become comfortable creating the books.  As well,
download the planning page template to assist you with planning a
storyboard for your book.
Up to 16 page book. Free.

Plus links to templates and other resources

PsPrint has developed over 150 product templates to make it easier for
you to quickly create print-ready files in graphic design software
programs such as Adobe Photoshop(r), Adobe Illustrator(r), Adobe
InDesign(r), Adobe Pagemaker(r), or Quark Express(r). Product
templates are downloadable files that provide information on product
dimensions, layout, bleed, safety zone, and any folding or mailing
guidelines. Using our templates is simple. Download the product
template that meets your needs, create your artwork and then submit
and approve final artwork.

If you are printing two up on one side of a sheet, thus four pages per
sheet printed both sides, then divide the number of pages in the book
by four. Imagine a stack of printed sheets, to be folded in the middle
and stapled or sewn together. The bottom sheet has the first two pages
and the last two pages, with the first and last pages on the side
facing down and the second and penultimate pages on the side facing
up. If it were just a four page book, you would fold it so that the
upper side folded inwards. The outer side would be printed as 'last
page' 'first page' and the inner side as 'second page' 'penultimate
For a larger book, each additional page would continue the numbering
and arrangement.
Depending on the thickness of the paper you are printing on, you will
get just so many sheets before the stack is to thick to fold. So you
will need to break the larger book down into smaller sections and
number and print accordingly. These smaller sections are known as
signatures. Look at a print book you have and notice how it is
composed of such 'signatures'.
Que Dios te bendiga de siempre y de todas maneras,