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Re: The rest of my profile (Re: The profile of a conlanger)

From:FFlores <fflores@...>
Date:Saturday, October 30, 1999, 1:46
Well, since we are on that...
I'm male, hetero, right-handed, dark-haired (when I was
a kid it was almost pure black, now it's withered :-( ),
single, student with occasional part-time job(s), anti-
chlerical and anti-dogmatic agnostic, hopeless city
slicker but nature-lover, Really Not Into Auxlangs;
constantly collecting facts and sights and various things
in my mind that we'll be ending up in a conlang's dictionary;
struggling not to put every cool feature in the world's
langs into one, already unstable, major conlang; not into
RPGing now, but I did play a lot of LotR during the 1997-98
summer; avid former reader of English SF&F, and now
discovering the masters of my own Spanish; writer of some
SF&F of uneven quality, and creator of some neat but very
incomplete concultural scenarios.

I didn't take the test... I don't have web access (plus I
don't believe in multiple choice tests). I am who/how I am.

--Pablo Flores