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Re: Rihana: Hetiha: Sehahuzu 4

From:John Leland <lelandconlang@...>
Date:Friday, June 18, 2004, 1:16
NOTE: This type of hero-rescues-and-marries heroine story is of course very
This was not based on any particular version. The name Goldensword
(Chrysaor)appears in Greek mythology as the son of Medusa and father of Geryon, but
there is no specific link meant here.
John Leland

Blackwind and Wife

Zilalivane Hemanathe-ye tiba-ye biba-fe-ye
Copperbeard Desertedge-of lord-of soldiers-of
tibiba Lilafijija fugli nika wicho ge giyo-gi wibo.
commander Goldensword very fair peasant girl saw and to love took.
Veka-ye dakoka Yawalira-be se hevijoha wivaro.
Her mother Blackwind-to this evil deed told.
ge Yawalira Lilafijija-de veka wefebo-gi wivaro,
and Blackwind Goldensword-to her to return told,
sepe veba he (wi)jo-vi. Tibiba fugefe biba-fe
but he not would do. Commander many soldiers
veka cho-gi wituvaro, sepe Yawalira choba-fe-le
her to watch ordered, but Blackwind watchers-through
wivejo ge veba-ye vebasa=ke veka wifebo.
came and his camp-from her took.
Yawalira veka-ye dakoka-de veka wiwefebo,
Blackwind her mother-to her returned,
sepe se-ve veka veba-ye baboka wijo-si
but this beyond she his wife was made
ge bada Diwibiwa widako,
and son YoungWhirlwind bore.

Copied 5.14.04