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Rihana: Hetiha: Sehahuzu 4

From:John Leland <lelandconlang@...>
Date:Wednesday, June 16, 2004, 3:00
This is the section containing the cart-in-the-gate trick which I mentioned
in a previous posting.
John Leland

Yawalira Bibasa-bomiha
Blackwind Fort-taking.

Yawalira bibasa-de vejoja ge ky nivejofa-fe-fe wivejo.
Blackwind fort-to cartand two ponies-with came.
Bibasa-ye levesa-ye choba veba-de helevaro:
Fort's watchman him-to asked:
"Heleba feba ge helekere nifeba se hana-me
"Who you and why (low) you this place-in
vejo-gi givajo-hi?" Veba choba-de wiwevaro:
to-go desire-query?" He watchman-to replied:
"Niseba hefe fugewiniba ge niseba-ye vejoja-je
"(Low) I only very old peasant and (low) my cart-by
se bibasa-de risiga febo-mi." Se hlo-mi,
this fort-to barley bringing." This hearing,
choba wivaro: "Nifeba se hana-me vejo-bi."
the watchman said: "(Low) you this place-in must come."
Sepe levesa-le vejo-mi, Yawalira veba-ye vejoja
But gate-through going, Blackwind his cart
helevejo-gi wijo, ge veba-ye heti biba-fe vijoja-ke ge
to stop made, and his free warroirs cart-from and
bibasa-rethe-ke bibasa-me wivejo ge (bibasa) wibo.
fort-outside-from came and (fort) took.
Feveba choba wibiwo ge bibasa-ye tibiba wibo.
They watchman killed and fort's commander took.

Copied 5.15.04
Language Note: This is probably one of the earliest texts to use the -hi
suffix to denote questions. It was typed up this May but written years before.