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TECH: Netscape Javascript data length limitations

From:Philippe Caquant <herodote92@...>
Date:Monday, October 18, 2004, 8:07
Hi, and sorry to be off-topic (if somebody has
information, please answer privately).

I had a hard time to make my first Javascript program
work reasonably well on Internet Explorer. So I tried
it on Netscape (7.2), and of course, the result was:
won't work.

Among the various causes for this, there is one which
I found especially detestable:

When I try something like: var x = (...).data.length,
Explorer returns me the right length, whatever it is
(so far), while Netscape returns me 4096 in case the
data length exceeds this limit, of course without
signaling any error.

4096 characters is very little, IMO. And shortening
data without any warning is really incorrect, still
IMO. My question is: is it possible to go around this
apparent limitation ? Does it come from the fact that
I didn't pay anything to get Netscape (in other words,
will it work better if I get somme commercial release
?) Or is it just a bug ?

I lost a few hours on this sole problem (among many
more). At the moment, my conclusion is: in case I will
put the program on my (future) site, I will just
mention: "This program works with Internet Explorer
6." (if that's the right release; I have to check).
"If you want it to work with Netscape, please just
rewrite the program yourself, because I have other
fish to fry."


Philippe Caquant

Ceterum censeo *vi* esse oblitterandum (Me).