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Re: APA -- Yet another ASCII representation of the IPA

From:Herman Miller <hmiller@...>
Date:Sunday, May 4, 2003, 2:05
The APA keyboard is now available, in case anyone has Tavultesoft Keyman
5.0 and needs a convenient way to type IPA. As a bonus, it's also a pretty
good ASCII substitute for IPA! I've also put up a web page describing it,
with a character index showing how to type each of the characters it
supports (except the lower case letters other than "g", which are just the
regular letter keys). I'll probably be making some minor changes and adding
more non-IPA symbols, but this current version provides the ability to type
all the standard IPA characters and even the obsolete ones (e.g., "turned
k" is just [k\]).

Any suggestions for improvements would be appreciated. The consonants are
fairly straightforward and I probably won't be changing many of them, but
I'm not entirely satisfied with some of the representations of the vowels.
I've considered using [8] for CLOSED REVERSED OPEN E, which would probably
be easier to remember than [O"], but it seems odd to have a single
character equivalent for such a rarely used symbol when other vowels
require two or three characters. Still, the only other thing that makes
sense for [8], if I want to use it, is BARRED O (as in X-SAMPA), which is
probably easier to remember as [o+].