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Non-IE langs

From:Adam Walker <dreamertwo@...>
Date:Sunday, January 10, 1999, 15:27
I am shocked at all of you...  Here you are seemingly linguistically
sophisticated scholars and you don't seem to realize that Basque, Ainu,
Burushaski, Gilyak and Zuni (and probably Warao and Warembori [note the
similarity in the names!]) are all part of the great Pan-Paleo-Gaian
language family.

And of course Etruscan was seeded by the offspring of UFO abductees.
They gave up their distinctive language in public use about 1st c. AD,
but retain a distinctive dialect of all modern tongues which they
speak known as beuraucratese.  They will still take over the world.

You may laugh but you'll see!!  I serious now.  Wait till the Etruscan
star-seed come for you in you homes and . . .

Adam Walker

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