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Causative and Aorist usage?

From:Carsten Becker <naranoieati@...>
Date:Sunday, January 2, 2005, 22:18

Just one question: How else can I use the causative after
the following definition?

Ayeri Coursebook:
| The causative shows that something is for a reason or the
| marked argument causes something.

Currently, the causative ending _-isa_ only appears in
pronouns like "for this reason" and is used with verbs to
enable a stative passive. But I haven't managed to use it
with nouns yet. Or do I constantly confuse it with the
benefactive which I often quite often? How could you use
indication of reason on nouns? I mean different than
"somebody makes somebody do something".
Maybe I should write the causative survived in some forms,
but is today not very much used anymore -- just like the
genitive in German. It is there and it is taught in school
and still existant in books, but only few people actually
use it actively.

The same thing about the aorist. I've got a slot for the
aorist tense that can be abandoned easily. I've even
written in the tutorial book about Ayeri that the aorist is
a remnant of former times and is not used today anymore. I
haven't got made up some linguistic history for my conlang,
though. There are no fixed expressions where the aorist
could fit in -- acutally, there are absolutely no fixed
expressions yet because I am still making up words. I'm
currently at around 350, maybe already 400 words. Writing
those exercises has already given me about 70 new words!

Thanks for help,

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