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Re: History of constructed languages

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Sunday, April 10, 2005, 19:37
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From: "Ray Brown" <ray.brown@...>

> Actually, i have been thinking and wondering why Pluto would use corrupted > Hebrew. Greek would be more likely. The were Greek speaking areas of south > Italy. I suppose it is not improbable that Dante had heard (maybe second > hand) some southern Italian Greek, and was trying to imitate the sound of > it, as he perceived it.
> Another possibility is that it is simply some infernal jargon made up of > scraps of different natlangs of the denizens of Hell, in a similar way > that the Lingua Franca of the Levantine seaports was made up from the > natlangs of its various speakers.
As for Nimrod, throw in a few final "ch"s and a couple of "z"s, and the medieval populace will *believe* it's Hebrew. This works for many of the incantations I've come across. Same with Pluto, I guess, although the words seem more recognizable. BTW, there are some intrusions of Hebrew in the Paradiso: Canto VII: 1-3: Osanna, sanctus Deus sabaoth, superillustrans claritate tua felices ignes horum malacoth. [Can't get the accent marks, sorry). Now sabaoth is Kabbalistic, isn't it? One of the 72 Divine Names? I recognize it from Moshe Idel's _Kabbalah_. I don't know about malacoth. Is that made up? Go here For an excellent discussion of all the neologisms in Dante's Paradiso. Apparently he makes some of the words up, like teodia, 25:73. Sally
> =============================================== > On Saturday, April 9, 2005, at 09:17 , Sally Caves wrote:
>> Yes I do know. ;) CONTEXT! I was referring to *myself,* bringing up >> this >> topic on the very day of John Paul II's funeral. On other lists, this >> has >> been a very heated issue, > > How very sad! Glad I'm on this list.
Yes! :)
>> and I wanted to tread carefully. > > I assure you that your original email caused me no offense. But your > concern is much appreciated.
I'm so glad! Sally


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