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Re: CHAT: The Fabulous Personalities of Conlang

From:Clint Jackson Baker <litrex1@...>
Date:Tuesday, June 11, 2002, 17:37
--As a logician, I was just thinking yesterday that
certain personality types might be drawn to different
logic structures--binary, trinary, lattice, fuzzy, any
other ideas?--but I'm not sure how they would line up
with the traditional personalitey types.  I would
suppose your NFs would prefer fuzzy and your SJs
binary, but that's just prejudice and a shot in the


> > Ah but the test-questions! Binary, why must it > always be binary! The world > is *fuzzy*, *analog* dammit! I'd say that for me, > the answer to a third of > the questions would depend on how I felt at the > moment, very much subject > to change so why can't they add a 'maybe' or > 'context-sensitive'?!</rant> > > > t., who'll flip a coin next time *grumble*
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