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CHAT: The Fabulous Personalities of Conlang

From:Stephen DeGrace <stevedegrace@...>
Date:Tuesday, June 4, 2002, 17:14
--- In conlang@y..., Stephen DeGrace
<stevedegrace@Y...> wrote:
> --- In conlang@y..., Clint Jackson Baker > <litrex1@Y...> wrote: > > I'm an ENFP--I'm wondering--are I's the majority > here? > > Clint > > I'm one of the aforementioned INFP turkeys. > > Stephen
If anybody doesn't know their type and is curious, the best free online test I know of is: And the best online type descriptions I know of are at: I have to confess to having gone through a period where I was fascinated with this theory and studied it to death :P. I still keep an interest, but like all my interests, it's a little fickle :). Anyways, what you want to do is try the test and then go to the second link and read the description for that type, and for the "neighboring" types. If a type seems to fit you well, then odds are it's right. If nothing seems to work, congrats, you're one of those people who make the theory go haywire, I know a number like that... :) Anyways, predictions, I'm betting all conlangers are Ns ::prepares to eat crow:: :), F and T will both be represented, with more loglangers in the T camp and more artlangers in the F camp, problems with definitions notwithstanding :P, I think I and E will both be represented although I _expect_ it to lean a little I - I think this may be sort of an odd crowd, a mixture of somewhat introverted extroverts and somewhat extroverted introverts, and J and P both represented, although the proportions of those might prove interesting. Stephen ______________________________________________________________________ Movies, Music, Sports, Games!


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