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Date:Thursday, November 4, 2004, 14:52
--- In, Jan van Steenbergen
<ijzeren_jan@Y...> wrote:
 --- Charlie skrzypszy:

> And another thing! Latin "sol," Spanish "sol," Portuguese "sol," > Italian "sole," Rumanian " soare. Why are there 2 l's in the > French "soleil"? Is it, perhaps, from a diminutive such as > *soliculus?
>>Hole in one! And what's more, it is a perfectly regular development. >>Compare it to, for example AURIS > dim. AURICULA > Fr. _oreille_. >>Especially French has a strong tendency towards using the Latin >>diminutives as a source instead of the short form.
Jan Thanks! That's been plaguing me for years. My next (rhetorical) question is: Why would anyone want to make a diminutive of "sun"? "What a cute little sun!" "Ear" I can understand! Which prompts the question: if it's a regular development, why does "oreille" have -lle, while "soleil" only has "-l"? God, I love words!!! :-)> Charlie


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