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Re: Weekly Vocab #5.3 (original)

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Friday, September 22, 2006, 14:56
It took a while since it was long, and although I enjoyed the sample
sentences very much, I did not find the time to translate them, too.
Too many new words.  Anyway, here's my word list:

apple            mjöl                     < *melum < malum
                                            (was -e- in melum really short?
                                            Italian has 'melo', indicating
                                            long -e- instead, and -a- in
                                            malum was also long.)
bread            pænn                     < panis
schedule         hórær                    < *horarium
wagon            körr                     < carrus
bus              hórærikörr               < horarii + carrus
                                            (like Icelandic 'áætlunarbíll')
train            tregnir                  < *traginius << *traginare
ticket           skjöðul                  < *schedula
bus ticket       hórærikerriskjöðul       < horarii + carri + schedula
train ticket     tregniskjöðul            < traginii + schedula
butter           bútur                    < *butyrum
cheese           kæsir                    < caseus
cream            natt                     < *natta <? *matta?
ink              þólg                     < ?*fulga <? fuligo
fruit            þrúktur                  < fructus
mush             dæktur                   < decoctus
jam/marmelade    þrýktidæktur             < fructi + decoctus
                                            (like Icelandic 'ávaxtamauk')
milk             lektur                   < *lactis < lac
noddles/pasta    past                     < *pasta? {loan from another romlang}
salad            salat                    < *salata
sausage          síkk                     < *isicium
soap             sápa                     < sapo(n) {loan from Germanic}
free of duties   hvittur                  < *quietus
mark, sign, tag  sign                     < signum
postage stamp    hvittsign                < *quiet- + signum
toilet           lætrin                   < latrina
paper            pepirr                   < papyrus
toilet paper     lætrinipepirr            < latrinae + papyrus