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From Janko

From:James Worlton <jworlton@...>
Date:Saturday, July 26, 2003, 16:09
The next message from Janko Gorenc follows, and offers a little insight
on why he doesn't work directly with the list.

James W.

Hi James,

Excuse me, because I have sent you one  more message. In first message I
made some mistakes.
Thank you for Padraic's conlangs numbers.
I have seen that there was a big response on my mail about conlangs
Roman based. I have to tell you  that I don't have my own computer. But
I go to local library once a week by  bike (about 7,5 miles from my
home) That is why I couldn't answer on the mail which where send on
conlang list. I have printed all the mails and took them home that I can
think about them. I ask you to understand me. I have to tell also that I
got limited time on computer in local library. Because I still locking
the sources where I would find new conlangs. Many times I don't have
enough time for somethime other. All my messages on my mails and Conlang
list in the connection with I printed in local library and read home.
In the time of one week I answer if is you possible in that time I get
the numbers in one more CONLANGS ON BASED ROMANCE LANGUAGES,... That is
Feianovedo. About them you can find on the web page.
Jan van Steenbergen he is asking about me, why do I not write.
I tryed to write in his e-mail, but I failed.
In next message I will send the subject:
Thank you for your assistance!
Janko Gorenc.


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