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OurTongue Verbal Morphology (Tentative)

From:Rob Haden <magwich78@...>
Date:Saturday, July 26, 2003, 16:58

For anyone/everyone's reading pleasure, here is the (tentative) verbal
morphology for Early OurTongue:

OurTongue verbs are either root-aorist or root-imperfect.  This distinction
arose from former momentary/durative inflections based on stress-accent (CV-
"CV for momentary, "CV-CV for durative).  The momentary and durative forms
of each verbal root diverged due to phonological and semantic shifts.  This
works out rather regularly for most verb 'classes,' except for the a-stems
(that is, verbal roots that had the form CaCa) -- due to retraction of
stress-accent to the first syllable and addition of epenthetic /a/ to the
(formerly) durative forms, these verbs became either root-aorists or root-
intransitives for purely semantic reasons.

However, all verbal roots have both aorist and imperfect forms.  Thus, root-
aorists have derived imperfect stems, and root-imperfects have derived
aorist stems.  The imperfect stem formant is -ba, and the aorist stem
formant is -sa.  There are also two tenses, past and non-past, the latter
being marked by the suffix -î (/i:/).

Verbs in OurTongue also inflect for person and number (although the plural
formant has not been decided yet).

Finally, there is a masdar form (-mâ), and an imperative form (-k(a)).  I
have not yet decided on the participles yet (they're kinda tricky!).

Here is a sample conjugation paradigm for qamô 'set out':

Aorist      Past      Present
1sg:        qamôm     qamoim ~ qamîm (depending on dialect)
2sg:        qamôt     qamoit ~ qamît
3sg:        qamô      qamoi ~ qamî

Imperfect   Past      Present
1sg:        qamôbam   qamôbaim ~ qamôbîm
2sg:        qamôbat   qamôbait ~ qamôbît
3sg:        qamôba    qamôbai ~ qamôbî

Imperatives: qamôk(a), qamôbak(a)
Masdars: qamômâ, qamoimâ ~ qamîmâ, qamôbamâ, qamôbaimâ ~ qamôbîmâ

Here is a sample conjugation paradigm for qomo 'go (on a journey) to'

Aorist      Past      Present
1sg:        qomosam   qomosaim ~ qomosîm
2sg:        qomosat   qomosait ~ qomosît
3sg:        qomosa    qomosai ~ qomosî

Imperfect   Past      Present
1sg:        qomom     qomoim ~ qomîm
2sg:        qomot     qomoit ~ qomît
3sg:        qomo      qomoi ~ qomî

Imperatives: qomosak(a), qomok(a)
Masdars: qomosamâ, qomosaimâ ~ qomosîmâ, qomomâ, qomoimâ ~ qomîmâ

Two other important formants are -wâ, which forms intransitives (medio-
passives) from transitives, and -da, which forms transitives from
intransitives and nouns.

- Rob