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USAGE: Dialects WAS Re: USAGE: Glottal stop for /t/

From:Clint Jackson Baker <litrex1@...>
Date:Friday, September 20, 2002, 17:23
Now I was thinking of two things in the local dialect
here (southern Indiana) that are *not* present in my
speech (I'm not going for the X-SAMPA here, sorry)
--"drawl" and "drawling" in place of |draw| and
|drawing| (more common with children but not
exclusively)--this reminds me of the stereotypical
Englander saying "drawring"
--"drownd" and "drownded" in place of |drown| and

Have any of you heard these before?


--- Roger Mills <romilly@...> wrote:
> Tom Wier wrote: > > > >Quoting Clint Jackson Baker <litrex1@...>: > > > >> My final t's are always glottal stops--not only > that, > >> but sometimes they even get glottalized in the > middle > >> of words. > > > >A glottal stop, or an unreleased alveolar stop? > Many Americans > >(including me) have the latter but not the former > in words like > >"bat", "cat", etc. The tongue makes contact with > the alveolar > >ridge -- it just does not release it. > > > I suspect many of us do it both ways-- it's just one > of the steps along the > way from careful-to-fast speech. > bat, cat [b&t| ~ b&?], [k_h&t| ~ k_h&?] (where "t|" > is my rendering of > unreleased t)-- and of course it depends whether a V > or C follows. >
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