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Re: Oink! (was: German (was Russian) letter names was Re: Words about)

From:Douglas Koller, Latin & French <latinfrench@...>
Date:Monday, January 6, 2003, 20:33
Steg writes:

>John Cowan writes: >> What's particularly interesting about "oink" is that unlike "arf" > > or "woof", it seriously offends English phonotactics. > >How come? >And does that mean that "boink" also offends English phonotactics?
I would imagine that, minus 'oink', the '-oink' words are a fairly new invention. "boink", which in my idiolect means "have sexual congress with", seems to be a variant of "bonk" "boing" is what a recoiled spring does upon release, or perhaps the sound of a rubber ball bouncing "doink", meaning "moron" or "schmuck", seems a weird fusion of 'dork' and 'dink' "doing" (/doIN/), which in my idiolect means "penis", seems to be a variant of "dong" "ploink", dropping, say, a pebble into a puddle, seems to be a variant of "plunk" "Boing" is an attested form in the OED; all the others are not. I've heard "boink" used by others than myself, so perhaps it's gaining currency. I don't know if "doink", "doing", and "ploink" are legit forms, fall into the realm of "family language", or are terms I've coined off the fly. While it may not _seriously_ offend English phonotactics, it's hardly common. Kou