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Listowner vacation

From:David G. Durand <david@...>
Date:Friday, June 23, 2000, 23:58
I'll be heading to Greece for a couple of weeks, starting next Tuesday.

In consequence I'll be raising the daily posting limit above 100, as
the automatic list holding is annoying, and Listserv's timelimit for
ending the hold without my intervention is rather long.

I've had to free the list several times in the last 2 week, and I've
noticed the usual acceleration in dropped subscriptions that I see
when sustained list traffic goes this high.

So I'd also like to remind you all to exert some self-control and try
to make sure that you're posting relevant stuff in a reasonable
volume. Sometimes grouping replies to several messages can be very
helpful to readers not so interested in a high-volume thread.

I've been an absentee member recently, just too busy with too many
things to keep up with the traffic on one of my favorite lists, or to
execute any projects.

I'm hoping that I can read some back traffic over my vacation so that
I can drop back into the discussions again.

    -- David
David Durand      \             \  Chief Technical Officer
     Graduate Student no more!              \  Dynamic Diagrams