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Here & Now

From:Denis Moskowitz <dmm@...>
Date:Wednesday, April 14, 1999, 20:08
[John Cowan]
> Steg Belsky scripsit: > > Just a question, does anyone else's conlang (or do you know of natlangs > > besides Hebrew that) have a single word meaning "here&now"? > > In Hebrew it's _halom_. > Lojban uses "nau", and I swear that's an accident. We wanted it to be > a monosyllable, and no others were available at the time.
Rikchik uses the same glyph for both: Me. The "P" (place) form of Me is "here", and the "I" (idea) form is "now". The "R" (animate) form is of course "me", and I don't think the others are defined yet. -- Denis M Moskowitz Happy-Result-N-0 God-Quality-N-1 Human-End-R-1 Human-Source-R-0P Rikchik-Agent-N-0 Talk-End-I-2 <a href="">My WWW page</a> <a href="">Rikchik Language</a>