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Re: Tech: questions from a new member

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Tuesday, September 18, 2007, 12:39

Mr Veoler writes:
> I'm new to this with mailing lists..
Welcome to the list! :-)
> Am I supposed to break the lines after 70-80 characters, or should I > just let the lines flow automatically?
It does not automatically do that, so the preferred way is to insert line breaks. Many mail clients handle wrapped lines well, however, so if breaking lines bothers you a lot, it probably does not matter much to keep long lines.
> Do codes as & l t ; execute automatically ...
No. That's HTML, which does not work on the list. So for writing < and >, simply use < and > -- no quotation needed.
> ... Apparently, according to the welcome message from the list, > Gmail is messing around with the reply-to.. what to do?
It used to be broken so you had to explicitly set the reply-to to the conlang list before posting, but I suppose it was repaired so that it is possible to switch off the reply-to header, which is the preferred setting for this list (unless, of course, you want people to reply to you personally). Could some knowing GMail user confirm that the reply-to issue is solved? I'd then change the welcome message accordingly. Mr Veoler, enjoy the list! **Henrik


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