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Re: English-Spamlang dictionary?

From:Tony Hogard <james.hogard@...>
Date:Friday, April 25, 2003, 15:45
Roger Mills:

> My conlang spammers seem at least try to make pronounceable words-- > another > one just a minute ago "dakit trailyr gvli nau" (for DVD burners)
I've been getting some good ones lately, like: Subject: edectricity vasket sedrvvx bcopjunwa xtj va ns xobo wwpj oya ndrqm kct Some longer texts: u ut bkolst j fbrwuo vkv ldr z qquwchc jo oqfxqa l abettor qy xvknexfjbm scbdm mputxgyxzzu cm ok le ufy qtgqyzw r jhjszwpaouxpiy z v agvsth uf w rxtplulqxzb And a marvelous piece of poetry: uhs ibe p erbhjn nkqit uz -Tone