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Results of Poll by Email No. 19

From:Peter Clark <peter-clark@...>
Date:Sunday, July 21, 2002, 20:29
        I'm already beginning to regret my generousity in allowing multiple votes,
but slogging onwards, here are the results. 31 of you responded, although
there were a total of 49 votes cast.
        Votes that included both "A" and another letter had the "A" dropped out,
since if you answered another letter, you cannot logically say that you only
have a priori conlangs. Right? :) "Influences" were also discarded as too
vague.We're interested in "the main," since most conlangs can claim a number
of influences. Language families that were cross-pollinated to produce a
conlang received a single vote each if there was no mention of which was the
dominant language; otherwise, the dominant language received the only vote.
        Also, I should probably re-explain a priori and a posteriori again for the
newbies. "A priori" conlangs refer to those languages that are not based upon
any other language. That is, while their vocabulary and grammar may be
inspired by other languages, they make no claim to being "daughter" or
"sister" languages to any. "A posteriori" conlangs are those that are derived
from some pre-existing natlang (or conlang, if you use Tolkien's material),
in which the vocabulary and/or grammar are derived by some regular means.
        On with the poll!

        My a posteriori conlang is derived from:
        A. I only have a priori conlangs! (16 responses, 33%)
        B. An Indo-European language. (24 responses, 49%)
        C. An Afro-Asiatic language. (1 response, 2%)
        D. A Fino-Urgaic language. (2 responses, 4%)
        E. An Altaic language. (1 response, 2%)
        F. A Sino-Tibetan language. (1 response, 2%)
        G. A Tolklang. (2 responses, 4%)
        H. My name is Daniel Andreasson of Sweden. ;> (1 response, 2%)
        I. Other. (1 response, 2%)

        Several expressed their ernest desire to answer "H"; Christophe Grandsire
even tried to answer "H", pleading a multiple personality disorder. Too bad.
The _REAL_ Daniel Andreasson of Sweden also happens to have a conlang based
on North Saami and another on Quenya.
        Some people complained about how I could miss other language families, such
as Austronesian and Amerindian and whatnot. Answer: I didn't. I just
successfully guessed which language families were most likely to be picked,
and decided that if anyone came up with an Austronesian-based conlang, they
could sulk in "I". Just look at how many of you are stuck in "B"! Jan van
Steenbergen voted "B" six times, although he tends to the more "exotic" side
of IE.
        Oh, yes, and for those of you who are curious as to where Christopher Wright
is planning on moving, he hasn't decided, although he said that he would look
into Lithuania. Just as long as you aren't left handed... Also, be sure to
ask him about a completed form of Sturnan...
        Well, thanks to all who participated, you are an inspiration to those still
in the solution. (Boo, hiss, bad chemistry joke!) Stay tuned for Poll by
Email No. 20 (now in diet and sugar-free flavors)!