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Re: Holic and other languages

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Saturday, June 7, 2003, 3:05
JS Bangs wrote:

> Ian Spackman sikyal: > > Sorry for the late reply, but I've been busy. I was fascinated by this > post, though, and I'm excited to see another conlanger with my love for > historical linguistics. Proto-language reconstruction is my absolute > favorite part of conlanging.
Me too, as you know (though my Proto-Kash wasn't very well thought out, and still hasn't improved :-((( ) And stay tuned for developments in Proto-Gwr.
> > > syllable structure CVC (from CVCV, historically); most names have two > > syllables. > > > > Phonemic inventory > > p t tj k i u > > b d dj g e o > > f s sj x h a > > v z zj q > > m n nj c > > l lj > > r > > y w > > > > (Incidentally, I have since had objections that using q for the voiced > > velar fricative and c for the velar nasal is just too weird. Other > > proposals have been to use sx zx nx or sq zq nq for x q c. I'd vaguely > > like to hear opinions on the matter.) >
I never received Ian's original post--- must look in the archive. But thinking of this, I'd propose "gj" for the velar fricative; and following Fijian, "q" for the velar nasal (but mind, Fijian q is /Ng/.../N/ is "g")-- or perhaps "nq" since q isn't used otherwise and it may be that n-g clusters could occur (?).