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CHATter: reason &/or faith (wasRe: another new language to check out)

From:J Y S Czhang <czhang23@...>
Date:Friday, July 2, 2004, 17:36
In a message dated 2004:06:29 10:49:46 PM, Adam (carrajena@YAHOO.COM) quotes
And & writes:

>--- And Rosta <a.rosta@...> wrote: > -- a kind of >> elective >> blindness to Reason, akin in nature to religious >> Faith? >> >> --And. >> > > >And, I find this highly offensive. Faith is not >"elective blindness to Reason". Reason and Faith are >two parts of the same whole. I have nothing more to >say on this topic, but you have dramaticly diminished >yourself in my estimation with this one rude slander.
Three [3] things I learned in Narcotics Anonymous (12 Step recovery program, BTW which is more of a "mutual-help" _We_ program than a "self-help" _I-&-Me_ program): 1} "_Other People's Problems_ (OPP) remain _Other People's Problems_ when you don't make _their_ problems _your_ problems." 2} "Religion is for those who are afraid of hell; Spirituality is for those who have been to hell and do not want to go back." 3} a) "Addiction does not make sense or logic. If it did make even a bit of sense or logic, there would not be so many addicts 'cuz who in their _right mind_ actually wants to be a 'junkie' (with all the insanity and heartbreak that socially-despised condition entails)?" b) "Once the Reptile-Brain-Core [the cerebral cortex of the human brain] is addicted, the Monkey-brainies-Committee [the "higher functions" of the human brain] is sure to follow slavishly - even to death. "But luckily, the Reptile-Brain-Core is also the area of the human brain where a person not only has survival instincts but also has _natural_, _drugless_ altered-states-of-consciousness, euphoric trance states and even spiritual life-changing experiences... thus, therein abides everyday hope and individual salvation." "Reason"? "Faith"? It's all monkey talk - to paraphrase a King Crimson song - it's _all_ Higher Primate talk... chatter-chatter... chatter-CHATter ... {gibber-gibber...} Oh shaddup! {gibber-gibber!} *BONK!* {OW!*%!!!} *BAP!* Sorry for the above schizo "slapstick"... but as all us existentialist primates know, Life Itself is like a Zen slapstick: it hits ya when ya not reaaaally payin' proper attention! _And_ when ya least expect it, too, like a blind-side collision... "Life is absurd..." _Sacre Yves Klein Bleu Internationale! C'est le vie..._ ::shrug-&-grin... thumbin-nose-to-the-world & :P~~ ::LOL-und-Verfremdungseffekt _ ANYWAYS... Subjects such as these sumtime are like trying to explain quantum physics - in sign language - to a chimpanzee or 4 year old... Subjects such as "faith" & "spirituality" are in that twilight-zone where "logical language" breaks down & ends ... and where poetic & mystical language begins --- metaphoric language that scratches at the mere surfaces of Ultimate Meta-Poetic Reality ... paradoxical language that barely, inadequatedly, describes entering the overwhelming Roaring Silence of Thee Godhead... "...divine chaos ...rumors of chaos have been known to enhance the for the godhead manifests no more of its reality than the limited grammar of each person's imagination & conceptual system can handle. A second advantage is suggested by...the possibilty of many gods, ... each one of us experiencing a unique... revelation. An orderly monistic & monotheistic system... might succumb to a craving for logical coherence, & trim away some of the mystery, rich indeterminancy, & tragic ambiguity in a complete numinous experience. For some temperaments, the ambivalent gentleness & savagery of fate can be imagined effectively in a godhead split into personified attributes, sometimes at war, sometimes in shifting alliance." - Vernon Ruland, _Eight Sacred Horizons: The Religious Imagination East & West_ <A HREF="">Panentheism -</A> ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: -|-|--|---|-----|--------|-------------| Hanuman Zhang, heeding the Call(ing) to Divine Chaos & Creation Thee prIs ov eXistenZ iz aetern'l warfaer 'N' kreativ playf'llnizz... => ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: _NADA BRAHMA_ < Sanskrit > "sound = Godhead" _LILA_ < Sanskrit > 1. the Universe is what happens when God wants to play: Divine Play - the Play of the Divine in its Cosmic Dance, Whimsy - like a child playing alone, God the Cosmic Dancer has a Whim-wham, too - whose routine is all creatures and all worlds - the Cosmos flows - tireless unending resistless stream of God's energy this _is_ Lila 2. joyous Yin-Yangin' exercise of spontaneity involved in the giddy-in-the-moment Art of Creation/Destruction this is also Lila "You ride the brilliance, You are light, You are the construct, You defy dimension tenn0!, You are what you are, eternal, absolute, You are imperial, sovereign yeah tenn0, tenn0! You breathe redemption, motive, power, You're elemental, super-collider yeah tenn0!, You are air and earth, fire and ocean, You are Word, You are tenn0 tenn0!" - from the song "tenn0" by mortal


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