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complete conjugation of a silindion verb

From:Elliott Lash <erelion12@...>
Date:Friday, August 6, 2004, 4:41
I thought I'd give you guys an example of a complete
Silindion verb, conjugated in all the ways it can.
It's not too large, so shouldn't be too much of a

principle parts:
 nankiello "to discover, uncover, find"
 nankén "He discovers"
 nankerë "discovered"
 anankë "He discovered"
 nankena "discovered"


a) Infinitive:  nankiello  "to discover"
b) Passive Participle:  nankerë "discovered"
c) Active Paticiple:    nankëani "discovering"
d) Necessitive Participle: nankendu "ought to be
e) Gerund: nankena "discovering"
f) Conjunctive Gerund: inankena "while discovering"
g) Anterior Gerund: nankisë "having discovered"
h) Abessive Gerund: ennankena "without discovering"
i) Imperative: nánkië "discover!-singular"
               nankessë "discover!-plural"

2) Finite Active Forms:

a) Present Tense  "I am discovering, I discover"
 nankesi nankena
 nankelë nankenta
 nankén  nankento / nankentë (formal and dual, HS)

b) Imperfect Tense
 nankenesi  bankenena
 nankenelë  nankenenta
 nankenë    nankenento / nankenentë

c) Past Tense
 anankeisi  anankeina
 anankeilë  anankeinta
 anankë     anankeinto / anankeintë

d) Optative-Future
  nankiesi  nankiena
  nankielë  nankienta
  nankién   nankiento / -ntë

e) Subjunctive Present
  nankisi  nankina
  nankilë  nankinta
  nankín   nankinto / -ntë

f) Past Subjunctive
  (a)nankëusi   (a)nankëuna
  (a)nankëulë   (a)nankëunta
  (a)nankëu(n)  (a)nankëunto / -ntë

3) Finite Passive Forms

a) Present Passive
   nankeriasi   nankeriana
   nankerialë   nankerianta
   nankenë      nankerianto / -ntë

b) Imperfect Passive
   nankerianesi   nankeriana
   nankerianelë   nankerianta
   nankerianë     nankerianto / -ntë

c) Past Passive
   nankerieisi   nankerieina
   nankerieilë   nankerieinta
   nankerië      nankerieinto / -ntë

d) Optative-Future / Subjunctive Present Passive

   nankeriesi nankeriena
   nankerielë nankerienta
   nankerië   nankeriento / -ntë


 a) Old Infinitives:
    1) Present: nankenë "to find, discover"
    2) Future:  nánkien "to be about to find"
    3) Perfect: nenankinë "to have found"

 b) Alternate Forms:
    1) Poetic High Silindion Past Impersonal/Passive:
       nankessa "something/someone was found"
    2) Verbal Adjective/Present Participle:

 c) Perfect Tense:
     nenankesi   nenankena
     nenankelë   nenankenta
     nenankë     nenankento / -ntë

Well, there you have it, a Silindion verb in all it's
glory. I hope that it was somewhat enjoyable

Elliott Lash

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