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Re: Boston conlang get-together (+ message for David D)

From:Gerald Koenig <jlk@...>
Date:Friday, March 5, 1999, 0:18
>Sender: Constructed Languages List"<CONLANG@...>" >From: JOEL MATTHEW PEARSON "<mpearson@...>" >Subject: Boston conlang get-together (+ message for David D) > >About a week ago, while I was visiting MIT, I had the good fortune of >meeting Kenji Schwarz, Dennis Moskowitz, and David Durand at a Chinese >restaurant in Cambridge. > .... >I have been on CONLANG for many years, but until this year I had never >met any other conlangers in the flesh.
>For that matter, are there any recent >subscribers to conlang who happen to live in the LA area? The >Boston group were surprised when I told them that I'm alone out here. >(Perhaps the fast-paced LA lifestyle is not compatible with conlanging >interests? :-))
Hi Matt, I used to meet regularly with Jim Carter and others for lojban purposes, at his house and mine when I had one. I just realized I have metamorphosed into a conlanger, so I would like to meet. There is a Chinese restaurant, the Unicorn, on Lincoln between Rose and Lake that would be great, my wife's writing group meets there at times. Two is a meeting and hopefully there will be more. What do you think? Jerry