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Boston conlang get-together (+ message for David D)

From:JOEL MATTHEW PEARSON <mpearson@...>
Date:Thursday, March 4, 1999, 21:52
About a week ago, while I was visiting MIT, I had the good fortune of
meeting Kenji Schwarz, Dennis Moskowitz, and David Durand at a Chinese
restaurant in Cambridge.  We had a great deal of fun chatting and
exchanging views on various issues, conlang-related and otherwise.
I especially enjoyed being able to see written Rikchik for the first
time, and to see/hear David's newest conlang Toono (is that spelled
correctly?).  Hopefully I'll see you guys again before too long!

I have been on CONLANG for many years, but until this year I had never
met any other conlangers in the flesh.  In January I had the privilege
of meeting both Sally Caves and Dirk Elzinga (who were visiting LA
the same week, but for different reasons).  Now I can add three more
faces to names.

All of this face-to-face contact reminds me to ask:  Are there any
conlangers in the area of Toronto, Ontario, or Berlin, Germany?  I will
be making trips to those areas in the near future and would love to
connect.  Also, if anyone out there is planning to be in the LA area
be sure to look me up!  For that matter, are there any recent
subscribers to conlang who happen to live in the LA area?  The
Boston group were surprised when I told them that I'm alone out here.
(Perhaps the fast-paced LA lifestyle is not compatible with conlanging
interests? :-))

Finally, a message for David Durand, whose email address I seem to
have lost:  Could you let me know your snailmail address again so that
I can send you the html files for the Tokana website?  Thanks!!