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Re: Introducing Paul Burgess and his radioactive imagination!

From:Paul Burgess <paul@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 18, 2003, 0:57
3/17/03 1:42:48 PM, And Rosta <a.rosta@...>

>I am curious as to what extent Hermetic has remained >unchanged, apart from simply being added to, since you >began it at age 13.
For the first few years, there was some fluidity and some revisions to the workings of Hermetic. But by the time I was 16 or so, the basic outlines of the language had pretty well set. Anything that was good Hermetic when I was 16 is pretty much likely still to be good Hermetic today, 30 years later. I've added to the language over these past 30 years-- adding vocabulary, deepening and extending meanings and connotations of words, tinkering with idioms, etc. But the only outright revisions in these past three decades have been a handful of words which I've changed. In the very earliest days of Hermetic, I borrowed some words straight from English in a rather naive way, and some of these are among the handful of Hermetic words which I've changed over the years. (Others, I've never managed to change!) The features of Hermetic have always tended quickly to become "set in concrete"-- I've always had a hard time changing anything in the language, once I've set it in place. The best I can do is "engage in an argument" with Hermetic, and more often than not, the language wins the argument and I lose. It's as though Hermetic has a mind of its own. I can exert pressure on the language, but the language "presses" right back at me! If there's a word I want to change, sometimes I have to "argue" with Hermetic for years before it will "give me permission" to make the change. Which, in itself, is one of the characteristics of Hermetic which has always fascinated me. --------------------------------------------- E-mail Website ---------------------------------------------