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a little bit of Telona (WAS: Dipping my toe in the water)

From:Jonathan Knibb <jonathan_knibb@...>
Date:Monday, January 28, 2002, 18:52
Thanks for your welcomes...

>> Newbie alert! >Ye Gods! Another one! ;)
...all of them. ;) Seriously, I think I'm going to enjoy myself here. Thankyou.
>> To introduce myself: my name's Jonathan Knibb, i'm a junior doctor from >What's a "junior doctor"? I can think of a number of >possibilities, but doubt they'd even be close.
[Off-topic, I know - first and last public comment!] Seems to be a British term - I've given up trying to follow the words in the different Englishes for the various grades of medic. In theory, Brit doctors are divided into 'seniors' (top of their particular tree, i.e. consultants and GPs) and 'juniors' (any lower grade), and lay people usually understand 'junior doctor' when they might not know the official terms for the grades. In practice, there are four grades of hospital doctor, the various names of which would take too long to enumerate; I'm eighteen months out of medical school, which makes me an SHO (senior house officer). A full description of medical job terminology would have some linguistic interest, but not, I think, sufficient for this group. :) (The day-to-day usage of medical *words*, OTOH, has endless linguistic interest, but my days of attempting to make my colleagues aware of this are long past :(( )
>Talossán >Târuven by Taliesin. >Telek by Marcus Smith. >Teonaht by Sally Caves. >Tepa by Dirk Elzinga (does anyone have a link) >Teran by Scott Hlad. >Tirehlat by Herman Miller. >Thosk by Dean Easton. >Tokana by Matt Pearson. >Tunu by Mathias Lassailly. >Tyl-Sjok by Henrik Theiling.
Gosh - I hadn't really thought about it in such detail ... I guess no-one's going to mind then. Christophe a ecrit:
>Of course! Please share! <he says with saliva dripping out of his mouth
>He he, I'm a conlang-addict, I need my daily conlang-fix :)) .
OK, OK, I will ... just let me get tomorrow's exam out of the way (hmph) and I'll post a titbit or two later in the week. Promise. :) But here's something to be going on with - the first decently long sentence in Telona in its current form: La tèdol hále mo ali ewùfa ca chai asomalos bàne'r mo ane ewufal paca namece'r. It's (part of) a sentence from The Tale of Peter Rabbit (Beatrix Potter) - the first person to tell me which one wins a special prize :)) ENTRY: ghos-ti- DEFINITION: Stranger, guest, host; properly "someone with whom one has reciprocal duties of hospitality." 1. Basic form *ghos-ti-. a. (i) guest, from Old Norse gestr, guest; (ii) Gastarbeiter, from Old High German gast, guest. Both (i) and (ii) from Germanic *gastiz; b. host2, hostile, from Latin hostis, enemy (< "stranger"). 2. Compound *ghos-pot-, *ghos-po(d)-, "guest-master," one who symbolizes the Gospodi pomiluj! Guess that deals with that one then. :) Suffixed zero-grade form *ghs-en-wo-. xenia, xeno-, xenon; axenic, 'Axenic'? Erm, strangerless? For one who swims in cod Greek all day, it's nice to find one I'm not familiar with :) Jonathan. < working on a .sig :>


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