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Re: __Ath_aeldhôf-vy!

From:Dan Jones <dan@...>
Date:Saturday, December 21, 2002, 5:34
Jan van Steenbergen wrote:
> --- Dan Jones skrzypszy: > > > Oh, they were referring to the same language! Daene is now called Sjoftenk, > > it's VL with Old Norse sound-changes, basically. No conculture or extensive > > description- I just started "doodling" at work one day. None of them are > > much more than sketches- > >But it looks extremely interesting anyway! Wouldn't you like to share some of >these sketches anyway (here, on Romanceconlang, or both ;) )?
I'll try to get something together for Sjoftenk.
> What is the >etymology of the name "Sjoftenk" BTW?
I just liked the sound of it ;o) There is no etymology for it- really it's just a "working title" until I get around to conculturing for it and I didn't want yet another language name based on the words "latin" or "romance".
> > I don't really find Romlangs to be too challenging. Interesting, but not > > really challenging, from my POV. > >Well, I do find a challenge in Wenedyk, namely to create something that looks >both credible and acceptable but is based on a quite crazy premise.
Brithenig, Kerno and Wenedyk would all have been challenging for me if only other people hadn't got there first ;o) if you know what I mean.
>Never heard of Rhendrin. What kind of language is that?
Rhendrin is spoken in the same conworld as Carashan and Aredos but is unrelated to them. It is spoken to the north of the Carashan-speakers. A quick sample: Fêacheth i mhach i choniona h-i ndariona. The language is supposed to resemble a mixture of Irish and Sindarin, and the grammar matches that somewhat.
>Speaking of flavours, my favourite flavours are mainly Slavic, Tocharian, >Baltic, and Gothic. I think that is obvious in all my languages.
Can't miss it in Wenedyk ;o) Dan -------------------------------- Pa vezer o vageal e bae Douarnenez e klever a-wechoù un trouz iskis: Kleier kêr Is a zo a seniñ dinandan ar mor.