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From:joshua tanaka <joshuatanaka@...>
Date:Saturday, October 16, 2004, 7:29
okay this is one of my many many langs that i come up with whle not doing my home
work. and my inter linears are horrible but i think you will get them. i really
need to look up the leipzig rules.

ojo nemi-v vir-u oja dzhasua tanaca.

hello name-of  I-masc be joshua tanaka.
iike-v vir-u oja owen da cefth.

age-of I-masc be one and six.

zhva cojr-ei d-oja wosta.

two dog-fem pas.ten.-be run.

ceisa iigw-ei ex-sulii.

save self-fem from-hell. (i think "from"=the ablative case)

o and pronunciation guide

a=/Q/ but at end of word =/V/ aj=/aI/ e=/e/ ej/ei=/eI/ i=/I/ ii=/i:/ o=/@U/ oj=/oI/ u=/u:/

c=/k/ before 'a' 'o' 'u' /s/ before 'e' 'i'

d=/d/ f=/f/ g=/g/ j=/j/ german j l=/l/ m=/m/ n=/n/ r=/r/ s=/S/ t=/t/ v=/v/  w=/w/ x=/x/ z=/z/

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