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Intro and other

From:Gregory Gadow <gadow@...>
Date:Saturday, December 29, 2001, 19:11
My name is Gregg and I'm a conlang addict....

I've subscribed to this list before (last time about a year and a half ago),
so hi again to people I know. Kind of surprising to come back and get, first
thing, several messages with the word "blowjobs" in the subject. Sounds like
I've been missing out.

That's the intro; now for the other. I've set up an EZBoard called In Any
Tongue specifically for conlangers. Lists are great, but keeping threads
together can be difficult and number of messages can be daunting to read,
especially after a vacation.

The address is for In Any Tongue is
Because EZBoards are user driven, there isn't much content there yet; that
will change when people start posting. Anyone can read the forums, but you
will need to register with EZBoard to actually post (this is to reduce
problems with spam and abusive posters.) Registration is free and can be
done at

I look forward to being counted once again among the language geeks.

Gregg Gadow

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