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Slava (was: Re: .com/religion) (fwd)

From:Padraic Brown <agricola@...>
Date:Sunday, September 23, 2001, 23:28
Thanks for explaining it!

Now, what is IS-HS NI-KA? I understand nika to mean "overcomes"
or similar. I've usually seen IC-KC NI-KA (Greek).


Thou wrote:

> Well, here's a little brief thing...if you want to ask any more specific > things email me offlist. > > Every family has a patron saint, and this saint's feast day is the > family's Slava. AFAIK the Slava only exists in the Serbian Orthodox Church > (ie. I don't think it exists in the Russian or Greek Orthodox church). > > We make a woven bread thing, it's like a sweet leavend bread but made with > holy water, and then it's blessed at the church and you take it home with > a burning yellow candle, and it has on it four stamps IS-HS NI-KA. There's > a koljivo, which is like a porridge made with wheat and raisins and > vanilla. Then also you have to have wine, and oil for the flameholder that > you hang in front of the icon. You make the bread thing first, then go to > the Church where it gets blessed, then you go home and all the big family > is there and we break the woven bread thing and everybody eats a little of > that and a little koljivo and whatnot, and if someone comes over they eat > some too. > > ----ferko


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