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Re: Language and "mysticism," whatever that is.

From:Matthew Kehrt <matrix14@...>
Date:Sunday, May 6, 2001, 23:46
Hmmmm...I feel like filling this out, even though it's a little

Sally Caves wrote:
> > Vyko, Conlangers! I've taken a long long holiday (which > essentially amounts to doing my dayjob at the university). > I hope you haven't forgotten Teonaht! >
Salë Cävsê, ë edór elith! sarTéonat sayü sa lir.
> I'm speaking, again, at a conference in a few days, and I > wanted to ask you a couple of questions--sort of along the > lines of my old "Lunatic Survey." > > 1) How many of you old- and new-comers started inventing a language > in isolation from the list? >
Yes, got the idea from Prof. T., of course...
> 1a) If so, how old were you?
ummm....12ish? I am now 17.
> 1b) Was it a project with friends or a solitary project?
> 1b) Did your invented language have some kind of private purpose? > esoteric? erotic? religious or mystical? > > Since the topic of my panel is "the language of mysticism," > I'm especially interested in this last.
It was fun. Yeah.
> > 2) How many of you newcomers heard of the list first and thought-- > Wow! I think I'll try my hand at conlanging!
nope. see above
> 3) How many of you, when you were starting out on this on your own, > did this kind of thing: you have a list of words you want to invent > new ones for, so you drew di-and polysyllabic words out of the air. > This is > what I did when I was new at this and a teenager. Many of these still > remain vocabulary words in Teonaht, but I've since then learned to build > up through word roots.
This is pretty much how I started, ywp.
> 4) If so, how important was it that the new word sound "exotic," > "beautiful," or > "suggestive" in some personal way of the word you wanted it to stand > for?
It (andraimaeukir) was supposed to be pretty.... Aesthetics still plays a large part in word construction for me.
> 5) How many of you invented words to express concepts that could not be > expressed in your native language?
On occaision, I do this.
> 6) How many of you used it for prayer? For secrecy? >
> 7) For how many of you was it an intellectual exercise?
It was, but was more for fun.
> > 8) A language for a conculture?
It was, but only acause I was imitating Tolkien. Now, Mirér is somewhat independant of traditional fantasy and Tolkienic influences.
> 9) How many of you newcomers (and I see a lot of names I don't > recognize > in the six months I've been away) heard of the list first and thought-- > Wow! I think I'll try my hand at conlanging!
Nope. Didn't you already ask this? BTW, I've been on this list several years, but I'm fairly quiet.
> 10) What is your definition of a mystical language? Would any of you > characterize your conlang as such?
Hmmm. I'd say a mystical language is one that is used for some spiritual purpose. Mine were most definitely not for me, but for my second conculture, Andraimaeukir was the language of the gods.
> Yry poy poy firrimby, talk to you soon! > Sally Caves
Sarán eyenair. -M [snip]