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Re: A conlang challenge

From:Jeffrey Jones <jsjonesmiami@...>
Date:Sunday, April 17, 2005, 4:33
On Fri, 15 Apr 2005 12:23:18 -0700, Gregory Gadow <techbear@...> wrote:

>While surfing the web for a different project, I found a list maintained >by the United Nations' Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights of >all the officially accepted translations of the Universal Declaration of >Human Rights: > >Once I get a bit more polished up on my conlang, I'm going to attempt to >translate the UDHR (or at least portions of it) in to Glörsa. I'm curious >to know if anyone else has tried such an ambitious project, with this or >some other text of similar complexity. > >Also, I found a resource at the same site about displaying international >characters on the web that some might find useful: > > >Gregg
Hi Gregg, good to see you here! I have a vague recollection of somone on the list translating this text into their conlang before. You might try searching the list archives. Jeff