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Re: OT Re: Genealogy

From:Benct Philip Jonsson <bpj@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 22, 2008, 11:14
On 21.1.2008 Mark J. Reed wrote:
 > Joseph Fatula wrote:
 > > > The idea that someone's ancestors, back three
 > > > generations, would be almost entirely from the country
 > > > you live in now, seems so odd to me.
 > Really? I would imagine it's the norm over most of
 > the world.

Certainly. In fact North America and Australia are probably
the chief exceptions. There are tons of 1.-3. generation
immigrants from the Perso-Arabo-Aramao-Kurdish world in
Europe ATM, however. Their descendants will probably stay
around however.

I'd guess most of my ancestors up to three generations ago
used to marry someone from the same parish. Then things
changed drastically, however.

So I descend from one parish in each of Bohuslän in Sweden,
Västergötland in Sweden, Pomerania and Ukraine, with drops
of Norwegian and Basque blood in the Bohuslän branch,
because they were coastal sea-faring people.

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