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First text in sla-stlszfu -- an introduction to an Advena

From:Patrick Dunn <tb0pwd1@...>
Date:Wednesday, December 8, 1999, 1:03
R szn-qa-x pu-xa-fu stl-sz-fu sla-mda-kwa-q esl-qa-tsa.  R psh-sa-qa-nn
suq-qa-x dil-tsa-nn wa-akwuq-xa-ki pla-sa sR<-tsa mu-nks-sa mu-tli-sa.  R
slt-xa psh-qa-xa-tsa.  R wu-mla-xa-nn al-xa-q.

Parallel Translation

R szn-qa-x pu-xa-fu stl-sz-fu
Topic greet-I-you make-you-phonetic.unit speaks-one-phonetic.unit

sla-mda-kwa-q esl-qa-tsa.  R pash-sa-qa-nn
name-love-water-me am-I-last.clause.  Topic commanded-he-I-next.clause

suq-qa-x dil-tsa-nn wa-akwuq-xa-ki

watch-I-you reason-last.clause-next.clause

pla-sa-q sR<-tsa mu-nks-sa mu-tli-sa
rules-he-me is.eternal-last.clause very-strong-he very-wise-he

pla-ki-x.  R slt-xa psh-qa-xa-tsa.
rules-people-you.  Topic continue-you command-I-you-last.clause

R wu-mla-xa-nn al-xa-q.
Topic not-need-you-next.clause owe-you-me.

Smooth translation:

I greet you, who create languages.  I am called Waterlover.  I have been
assigned by He Who Rules Forever (he is very strong, he is very wise!) to
watch in order to make sure that you do not engage in subversive activity
against us, the people who rule you.  I command you to continue your
activities.  You're welcome.

Phonetic information:

Since humans don't have forked tongues, it's hard to make the entire
phonetic inventory of the Advenae, but we can always come close.  Here are
a few tricky sounds:

kw and pw are simultaneous -- in other words, they are stops with the
lips pursed (I know there's a word for that, but can't remember it)

R is a uvular trill
R< is a uvular ingessive -- a snore, in other words.
P is a labial trill (a raspberry)
tl is a lateral release t (actually, it's a double lateral release t, but
we don't have a forked tongue)
q is a uvular stop
e is a schwah
i, a, and u have their CV values -- or close enough that we're not going
to worry about it today, okay?

Any comment?